What are the Disadvantages of Damon Braces?

Disadvantages of Damon braces

While Damon braces offer several advantages, like potentially shorter treatment times and fewer adjustments, they also come with certain drawbacks. Here are a few potential disadvantages of the Damon System: Cost: Damon braces can be more expensive than traditional braces. Because they use advanced technology and materials, treatment typically costs more. Potential for Discomfort: Even […]

Is Damon System the same as Self-Ligating?

Is Damon System the same as Self-ligating?

The Damon System is a type of self-ligating braces. So, while the terms are related, they are not synonymous. Self-ligating braces is a broad category that refers to any orthodontic system that uses a special self-ligating mechanism, rather than elastics or metal ties, to attach the archwire to the brackets. This allows the braces to […]

Are Damon’s Braces Really Better?

Are Damon's Braces Really Better?

The effectiveness and suitability of Damon braces, like any orthodontic treatment, depend on the individual patient’s needs and circumstances. Here are a few reasons why some people might prefer Damon braces: Less Friction: Damon braces use a self-ligating method, which means the braces themselves move naturally with the teeth as they realign. This can create […]

Difference Between Damon Braces and Self-Ligating Braces?

Difference Between Damon Braces and Self-Ligating Braces

“Damon braces” and “self-ligating braces” are terms that can often be used interchangeably. This is because Damon braces are a specific type of self-ligating braces. Self-ligating braces are a broad category of orthodontic devices that use a special mechanism to hold the archwire in place without the need for elastic ties or metal ligatures. This […]