Micro  Endodontic

What is micro-endodontics?

Micro-endodontics or Microsurgical endodontics is an aspect of the root canal treatment procedure that evolved after the introduction of the Dental Operating Microscope (DOM) to endodontics in the late 1990s. One may ask how a microscope could help a dental practitioner in treating a root canal?

Benefits of micro-endodontics.

After initially using the microscope in surgery, many endodontists (root canal specialists) discovered that it could also help with diagnosis and non-surgical endodontic procedures. Dental practitioners have used the microscope to find tiny painful fractures, which are often difficult to detect using traditional diagnostic methods. In addition, canals that are hidden, extremely narrow or unusually positioned become easier to see.

 Occasionally, new infection or injury will cause a previously treated tooth to require a second endodontic procedure. Dentists call this “re-treating” the tooth. To accomplish re-treatment, all previous filling material and posts that may have been placed to support a crown must be removed from the tooth. The microscope can help with these procedures as well.

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